What is Smart Investing?

“Smart Investing is managing your portfolio in systematic disciplined manner to optimize returns and reduce risk.
It encompasses intelligent stock selection, appropriate scrip and sector exposure, selling strategy and benchmarking portfolio returns to a chosen Index.”

One stop smart solution to common Investor problems

Too many stocks making your portfolio unwieldy to manage?

Algorithm analyses your holdings and sells smaller positions or consolidates them into larger meaningful holdings

High portfolio concentration in a few stocks/sectors?

Provides exact quantities which must be sold to bring down concentration and generates plan to reinvest in quality blue chips

Want to start a new portfolio on the right note?

Enter amount you want to invest to start with and add incremental flows at periodic intervals

Want to measure your portfolio returns?

Accurate XIRR returns for your portfolio which are compared to the BSE Sensex

Realize your financial goals – with real time insights and increased returns

Track Record – Your every action leads you to highest returns

ScripRecommendationReco DateReco PricePrice as on 10-01-2023% Change
Deepak NitriteBuy13-Sep-192771,930.35596.88%
Tata ElxsiBuy15-Jan-209506,202.65552.91%
Saregama IndiaBuy28-Oct-2062.22366.9489.73%
Greenpanel Inds.Buy06-Oct-2056.55319.4464.81%


Goal Oriented Investing

We help you achieve your financial goals through our expertise by advising you on your investment in equities to book smart returns.

Expert Advice

Our expert investment team’s proprietary algorithm studies your portfolio and finds the right stocks; we regularly revise our investment recommendations to help you with wealth creation via Long term investing.

Automatically De-risk your Portfolio

Build a robust and diversified portfolio that spreads your risk across performing sectors so all your eggs are not in one basket.

World-Class Reports

Understand your portfolios like never before with our unique and insightful reports and our state of the art real time returns calculator.

Data Security

We understand the criticality of your information and the trust you have bestowed up on us. We ensure data protection, no unauthorized access or data corruption and any information sharing to third party or spammers.

Easily manage your portfolio

Easily manage your family’s portfolio and get real-time statistics. Track bonuses, dividend and stock splits through handy alerts.

Now manage your portfolio Easily, Effectively, Efficiently on the Mobile

Elixir Smart Investing is available on Google Play Store after you register

About Founder

Equities are a passion for Dipan Mehta who started his investing career at a young age of 16 years. After working from 1985 to 1988 at JM Financial as a Security Analyst in the Portfolio Management Department, he completed his Chartered Accountancy in 1991. Following a brief stint as a sub broker on Dalal Street, Mr. Mehta ventured into stock broking when BSE admitted new members in the professional category in 1994. In the years that followed, he continued to go from strength to strength establishing himself as one of the gurus at investing in equities. With over 30 years of investing experience Dipan Mehta is one of the stalwarts in Portfolio Management and Equity Research. In addition to being a prominent media personality he is a highly recognized fundamental investing and growth -investing expert with a large and loyal fan following. He has concentrated all his experience into a single robo- advisory, Elixir Smart Investing; with the aim of democratizing the knowledge he has acquired to make the average investor the exceptional investor.

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